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SPP is an analytics consultancy. We mine and visualise data to find our clients an edge, covering such broad domains as real estate, shipping, esports and flight data.

We think data is an organisation's most exciting asset, and we'd love to help you leverage yours.

If you're interested in how we might work together, we offer all potential clients a free 1 hour consultation to ensure we're the right fit.

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Things we're often asked for...

Custom analytics

Understanding user journeys is hard when you can't see the whole journey. We merge web analytics, sales and marketing data to optimise your conversion funnels.

SQL skills

It's hard to ask good questions of your data if you don't have specialist skills in-house. We can plug the gap and solve most SQL problems (it's 80% of our day).

Open data mining

Blending public datasets with your own intel is powerful for unlocking new opportunities. We maintain a warehouse of key UK datasets to do this quickly.

Data cleaning

Numbers full of holes, or stuck in an unusable format? We know your pain, and can help you turn them back into something useful.

Data driven content

Quality reports are rocket fuel for content marketers. We'll design data workflows that help you deliver marketing-leading insight, over and over.

Live dashboards

Viewing your KPIs in different systems is frustrating. We use BI tools to join data up, creating a holistic view of your organisation in realtime.

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